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Square 2 Pack Savings Kit
Square 2 Pack Savings Kit

Square 2 Pack Savings Kit

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We combined our two most popular squares together to SAVE YOU 15% OFF!

They come together in a tool drawer worthy high density foam organizer to keep your squares and accessory pins together in one place for life.

The Small Carpenter Square is:

  • Perfect 3.5" x 3.75" size for your pocket or apron
  • 1/16" Scribe Holes in 1/16" increments up to 3"
  • QTY 5 - 1/4" Pin Holes for Marking Polygon Miters w/ included pin
  • Large enough to cross mark 2 x 4 lumber

The Small Square ("L" Shape) is:

  • Outer Dimensions 2.625" x 1.625" x 0.625"
  • Can be used as a Saddle Square to Transfer Lines
  • All Components including pins Made in USA
  • Center Marking Hole 11/32" (0.34") to allow larger pencils
  • Center Marking Hole Bottom is 1/16" diameter for consistent center mark

Makes a great gift for the beginner or expert woodworker or to yourself!