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Square 2 Pack Savings Kit

Square 2 Pack Savings Kit

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We combined our two most popular squares together to SAVE YOU 20% OFF!

This Sale ENDS 3/14 or when we run out of current stock.

They come together in a tool drawer worthy high density foam organizer to keep your squares and accessory pins together in one place for life.

The Small Carpenter Square is:

  • Perfect 3.5" x 3.75" size for your pocket or apron
  • 1/16" Scribe Holes in 1/16" increments up to 3"
  • QTY 5 - 1/4" Pin Holes for Marking Polygon Miters w/ included pin
  • Large enough to cross mark 2 x 4 lumber

The Small Square ("L" Shape) is:

  • Outer Dimensions 2.625" x 1.625" x 0.625"
  • Can be used as a Saddle Square to Transfer Lines
  • All Components including pins Made in USA
  • Center Marking Hole 11/32" (0.34") to allow larger pencils
  • Center Marking Hole Bottom is 1/16" diameter for consistent center mark

Makes a great gift for the beginner or expert woodworker or to yourself!


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Square 2 Pack Savings Kit

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How accurate are your squares?

All of our squares are perpendicular to less than 0.001" across the length of the square. Even the scratch and dent are still square with accurate markings.

When will the color I want come back in stock?

We generally make most of our color options every Fall Season and sell out before Christmas. If you want to know when they restock, please sign up for our email list or click the notify tab on the right-hand side.

Do your square come in metric?

Our Small Carpenter Squares come in Metric. The 6" Carpenter Square is not offered in metric at this time.

I lost my pins, how can I get new ones?

We now offer replacement pins and will ship them for a small fee or if you order more tools above $40 then you will meet our free shipping in the USA.

What size pencil fits your squares?

Our new Triad Pencil with the Drafting and Crafting Tip will fit great! Need a lower-cost option? Please use Pentel P207 or Pentel P209 which can be found on Amazon.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the United States.

Is shipping included?

All orders over $40 ship free in the United States, excludes other countries.

What is your return policy?

We have a no questions asked refund policy as long as you return your item with the label we send to you. Standard 30 days after delivery date.

How do I get my first responder or military 10% discount?

We work with GovXID currently to validate your status either active duty or retired. You can sign up with them at their site or do so at checkout by clicking the GovXID button where they will send you a discount code to use at checkout.