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Diamond Lapping Plates

Diamond Lapping Plates

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DFM Diamond Lapping Plates are engineered to offer precision flatness for your sharpening stones and blades.  We currently offer 2 grits - 120 and 220 grit with plans for finer grits in the future.

We start with U.S. made A36 Hot Rolled Steel which is more dimensionally stable than Cold Roll and CNC mill all 6 sides.  Extra large chamfers are added to the edges to promote better lapping.  We then lap the plates to less than 0.0005" flatness total tolerance across the 8 inch length of the plate.  The plates are nickel coated for rust resistance and the nickel is used to adhere the diamond grit to the plate.  The diamond crystal is selected to have a balance of wear and cutting characteristics.

Plates have 4 rubber feet permanently attached to the plate that conform to your sink or benchtop to prevent slipping or wobbling from an uneven surface.

Each plate is individually serialized including the month and year of manufacture for traceability.

Each plate comes with instructions on how to lap a water stone or other sharpening media.  Pictures of lapping a water stone in a sink are shown in the pictures here as well.


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Diamond Lapping Plates

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