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Scratch & Dent DFM Parthenon 2.4" Ice Ball Press MADE IN USA from Aluminum to Make Perfect Spheres…

Scratch & Dent DFM Parthenon 2.4" Ice Ball Press MADE IN USA from Aluminum to Make Perfect Spheres…

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SECONDS LISTING: We have very high standards and make sure that any minor scratches or dents do not get sold as Firsts or Full Price.  Instead they come to this listing where you can get a perfectly good Ice Press with minor cosmetic issues that your guests or friends won't notice at all. 

The current American Flag Drip Tray is a hair small in that the melt water from a single ice cube may overflow - SO WE'RE OFFERING IT FREE  We are discounting these Ice Presses even further and this makes a great buy for someone who already have a bar mat or other way to catch the water.

Unlike other ice presses, ours is significantly heavier, which is key to its functionality. This added weight allows the press to melt ice cubes into perfect spheres without the need for warm water, enhancing the overall experience.

Crafted entirely in the USA, the Parthenon Ice Press stands out for its exceptional quality. Each unit is meticulously manufactured in our advanced facility, where precision and care are paramount. This ensures that every ice press we produce embodies the spirit of American ingenuity and excellence.

Our ice press not only creates visually stunning ice spheres but also contributes to a superior drinking experience. The high-grade aluminum construction conducts heat effectively, facilitating a smooth and efficient transformation from cube to sphere. The result is elegant ice balls that melt slowly, preserving the flavor of your drinks without dilution.

The American Flag themed drip tray is 10"x5"x.6" and is made from American made Richlite which is food safe and dishwasher safe to make cleaning up easier.  Another benefit of the drip tray is that it can be used as a cutting board stand alone or as a way to prep citrus or other items as part of the drink making experience.

Durable, stylish, and functional, the Parthenon Ice Press is a proud addition to any kitchen or bar. Its robust build guarantees long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy countless moments of frozen perfection.

By choosing the Parthenon Ice Press, you support American manufacturing and enjoy the benefits of a unique, heavy-duty ice press. Experience the luxury of perfect ice spheres and the pride of owning a piece of American craftsmanship. Order yours today and elevate your beverage experience with the unmatched quality of the Parthenon Ice Press.


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Scratch & Dent DFM Parthenon 2.4" Ice Ball Press MADE IN USA from Aluminum to Make Perfect Spheres…

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