How to Use Your Triad Mechanical Pencil V1

How to Use Your Triad Mechanical Pencil V1

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Transcript of the video:

hey guys if you're watching this it means you probably bought one of our pencils we certainly appreciate that so one of the major points to make is that you load your lead from the back all right so don't try to push New Leads up through  that can mess up the little rubber grommet in there so when you need new lead please make sure you're always loading it from the back so again you're just taking off the Eraser and the removable

cap so one of the key points is to make sure that you're holding it vertical let gravity help you get the lead started and I always shake it to make sure I can hear that there's some loose lead in there and you know within about 10 clicks you should see a lead you know if you do a had 20 30 clicks and it's not coming out um please reach out to us and we can try to help you troubleshoot it but first of all just always make sure you actually have some lead rattling around in there and then the other key point is don't put more than three leads in here while you can we certainly don't recommend it because you'll Jam inside the pencil if you need to remove the tip for maintenance issues we will be coming out with another video on how to do that but for now here in the first few months of ownership we highly recommend you reach out to us if you have any issues don't try to take the pencil apart although you can on these brass ones we have an O-ring but if you're not careful see how unscrewed that when you go to screw it back in you'll potentially be slicing your fingers open because it really wasn't meant to be taken apart very often so just a little word to the wise there

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